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New side project Demons Angels and humans. In a strange but new plot take a turn on the more peverted, more exciting and more of our sick sense of humor it is not for the faint of heart so you are warned.



well for emailing us for either to submit fanfiction fanart or just to email please for subject put "Sakura High: (whatever you are diong or just SH ) For Linkexchange just well email and ask we are always look for poeple to exchange link/banners with n.n

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Ice Princess-Thanks for being a great layout desingert, Komet Tails Designs- Thanks for all the layouts and PS brushes, you are really great and making layouts and such. UnknownBrushes- thats for any/all brushes i might use on my webcomic. Cathy Yi-your just cool! Kyu-Putting up with me and my whining. Opera Floozy - Everything and anything i love your art. Arcana - alsome webcomic i loved it sad to hear you are stoping it. New Digi Tones from Here thank you for all the tones.

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This comic is OURS do not take anything OR linke to any of our pictures or we will find you and SUE you. .This comic is rated WEB 14. If you do not like the contents thendon't read. It has BoyxBoy realationships also GirlxBoy char. death, and frank talk about the world today..

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